Are Virtual Events the Next Big P2P Trend?

The growing popularity of FitBits and other wearable fitness tracking devices is making it easier than ever for nonprofits to organize P2P campaigns in which supporters can participate virtually on their own time — wherever they are.

P2P Participants Who Use Email Raise More

Peer-to-peer participants who use email to solicit donations raise significantly more money than other participants. Learn how to encourage more of your supporters to send emails on your behalf.

6 Trends to Watch in 2015

Giving: Back From Its Recession Depths “Giving USA” researchers last summer predicted that annual charitable giving in 2015 might top its pre-recession peak of $350-billion. Despite stock-market volatility and weaknesses in the global economy, experts say we’re headed for another year of increased giving, thanks in part to an acceleration in the generational transfer of […]

How to Infuse ‘Matterness’ Into Peer-to-Peer Fundraising

By Allison Fine What would you do with an extra $100 million? That was the happy problem facing the ALS Association after this summer’s mega-viral Ice Bucket Challenge. According to ALS, the Challenge raised more than $100-million from more than 3-million people. This compares to $2.3-million raised all of last summer by ALS. The Challenge was […]

Timex Asks Runners: Who Needs A Cell Phone?

In a bid to get the average runner to leave the cell phone at home, Timex has created an 800-mile relay race as a way to showcase its new Ironman One GPS. Called the Timex One Relay, the 22-day event will include more than 100 runners and connect the Chicago and New York City marathons, […]

Infographic: Making a second ask really pays off.

Did you know that in peer-to-peer giving 42% of donors don’t give on their first visit to a fundraising page? To engage those donors, event participants need to make a second ask. Nonprofits are pretty happy when an event participant sends out an email to all their friends and family, talks about their participation in a […]

Infographic: Seniors are big givers to Millennial events

As the population grays, seniors are playing a bigger and bigger role in online fundraising. According to recent numbers from Dunham and Company, seniors are now just as likely to give online as those under 65. And as Baby Boomers head for retirement we’re gaining more seniors. It’s easy to make assumptions about who seniors […]

The Remington Great Americans Shoot To Raise $1MM For Special Forces Charitable Trust

The Remington Great Americans Shoot (RGAS) announces its inaugural kick-off event September 20, 2014 at the Cypress Valley Shooting Preserve just north of Austin. This national shoot, sponsored by Remington Arms and The Special Forces Charitable Trust (SFCT), will bring together competitors from all over the country to honor and bring attention to the needs […]

A Viral Sensation: The “Ice Bucket Challenge”

Have you been wondering why everyone on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram is pouring ice cold water on their heads? A rash of broken air conditioning coupled with a heat wave? Nope. It’s just part of ALS Association Massachusetts Chapter’s “Ice Bucket Challenge.” The challenge involves people getting doused with buckets of ice water on video, […]

Peer-to-Peer Fundraising Strategy: Using Birthdays to Raise Money

An early leader encouraging supporters to give up their birthdays to raise money for water-related projects was charity: water. The organization’s founder, Scott Harrison, launched the nonprofit with a big party to mark his 31st birthday, raising $15,000 to build and repair wells in a refugee camp in Uganda. To date more than 17,000 people […]