Knock Your DIY Acquisition out of the Park

Original Broadcast Date:  May 25, 2016 So you built a DIY program – now they will come? Wrong. You need to actively acquire supporters! Whether you are just starting out or want to put some oomph into current efforts, this webinar recording is for you! In less time than it takes to buy crackerjacks at […]

Webinar Recording: Knock Your DIY Acquisition out of the Park

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Master Class: Retaining Your P2P Fundraisers

DATE/TIME: July 13, 2016 >> 1:30 pm – 2:30 pm ET Eager to boost your peer-to-peer program’s performance? There are many factors, of course, but one key factor is retention! You work hard to acquire new participants, but it can be hard to keep them involved. Donna Wilkins, CEO and Founder of Charity Dynamics will share […]

Technology Opens Doors for Smaller Charities to Launch P2P Campaigns

Local charities such as the Second Harvest Food Bank of Central Florida are starting to get strong results from online do-it-yourself campaigns.

Webinar: Transform Your Sponsorship Approach

WEBINAR DATE & TIME: Tuesday, July 14 at 2:30 pm ET Do you feel a rush of anxiety when planning on explaining a sponsorship revenue gap to your board? Are you sending the same worn-out old proposal to every sponsor? You know the one… the proposal that’s been patched together from sections out of the last seven […]

P2P Campaign Ideas for Artistic and Creative Supporters

A growing number of P2P campaigns are focusing on encouraging those who are creative — artists, musicians, and dancers — to raise money.

Report: Increased Competition Challenges P2P Campaigns in Pittsburgh

In Pittsburgh, a growing number of locally based charities are finding great success with P2P campaigns, often at the expense of more established events.

Webinar – Independent Fundraising Events in the Real World

WEBINAR DATE & TIME: Tuesday, June 14 at 1:00 pm ET Nonprofits of all sizes and missions are looking to Independent Fundraising Events (IFEs) to expand their fundraising reach. But, even though one of the appeals of IFEs is that volunteers create and manage the events — requiring less time and money than nonprofit-led events, the nonprofit […]

One Charity’s Blueprint for Successful DIY Fundraising

Mike Kirkpatrick, director of marketing at the Canadian Cancer Society’s Ontario Division, discusses the success of its Cancer Fighters platform.

Marathon Updates

Organizers of the Bank of America Chicago Marathon say the 2015 event raised a record $18.7 million for charities.