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Zachariah Abrams

AVP, Community Engagement, CHOC Children’s Foundation

We have at least three other professional memberships, but this one is the one we benefit from, engage in and can’t live without!  The membership is invaluable because of the information, data, specialized vendors and education it provides; it can’t be equaled by any other organization.


Mike Kinney

VP of Community Experience Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals

Being a part of the P2P Forum allows our team at Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals to quickly and efficiently network with a group of professionals interested in similar topics. 

Through the member-driven webinars, conferences and other resources, we’re able to stay in-the-know on industry trends and are consistently reminded that we don’t need to recreate the wheel to find success.


Wendy F. Vizek

Vice President, Constituent Events Alzheimer's Association

The Alzheimer’s Association is an active member in the P2P Forum, the industry leader for resources and training. I have benefitted personally and professionally from their expertise, training and the opportunity it provides to network with my peers.

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