Moves Management Can Improve Your P2P Results

Moves Management can help your P2P program move its revenues to an entirely new level.

Fewer Participants, More Revenue: A Reverse Model for P2P

Moving Mountains for Multiple Myeloma succeeds because of participation is exclusive — as small as 12-15 people per excursion — and the level of interaction among participants is high.

Marathon at Boston’s Fenway Park Offers Interesting Twist on Fundraising

A fundraiser for the Red Sox Foundation recently put a new twist on incorporating a stadium into a P2P event.

P2P Walks Aren’t Dead Yet: Here’s Why

To borrow from Mark Twain, “Reports of the death of the fundraising walk are greatly exaggerated.”

Make-A-Wish P2P Program Builds Strong Ties With Affiliates

When Make-A-Wish Canada set out to launch a new national-scale peer-to-peer fundraising program, it wanted to create an experience that its supporters would always remember. With Rope for Hope, it struck gold.

Convert ‘Zero-Dollar’ Participants Into Active Fundraisers

By reducing the number of “zero-dollar” fundraisers who participate in your event, you’ll increase the amount of money you raise at your events and reduce the cost of staging your program.

Are Virtual Events the Next Big P2P Trend?

The growing popularity of FitBits and other wearable fitness tracking devices is making it easier than ever for nonprofits to organize P2P campaigns in which supporters can participate virtually on their own time — wherever they are.

The 3 Must-Have Stories for Your P2P Marketing Program

Get access to a free worksheet that will help you tell better stories with your P2P marketing materials.

Peer-to-Peer Takes Center Stage in Nonprofit Trade Press

Peer-to-Peer fundraising has taken center stage in the nonprofit trade press this month, as a number of prominent news outlets have offered coverage of the latest Peer-to-Peer Fundraising Thirty survey.

While Battling Cancer, Teri Griege Makes Huge Strides in Finding a Cure

Cash, Sweat & Tears honoree Teri Griege is using her personal story for good, raising nearly $750,000 to combat cancer.