5 Spring Learnings to Make Your Virtual Campaign Shine

As peer-to-peer fundraisers prepare for a flurry of fall virtual events, they can draw from lessons learned this spring.

Survey: P2P Campaigns Pivot Quickly to Virtual But Expect Revenues to Decline in Face of Covid-19

Many nonprofits expect their existing P2P campaigns to raise only about half of what they had budgeted at the beginning of 2020, according to a new survey of 120 North American nonprofits by the Peer-to-Peer Professional Forum.

With Marathons Canceled, Nonprofits Are Keeping Their Fundraising Running

With events like the Boston Marathon canceled due to Covid-19, nonprofits are getting creative with their endurance fundraising campaigns.

What To Do With All Of These T-Shirts? That’s The Question Facing Nonprofits In The Era Of Covid-19

Nonprofits are having to figure out how to effectively distribute event t-shirts in the era of Covid-19.

May Was Awful

May was replete with challenging announcements directly related to our field. Yet there are glimmers of hope – some nonprofit leaders tell us they’ve been heartened by a spirit of collaboration they’ve felt among some organizations.

How Fundraisers Can Manage Their Emotions During Covid-19

Donor-relations expert Rachel Muir shares advice on how peer-to-peer fundraisers can cope with the emotional challenges of working during Covid-19.

Fundraising Alternatives When COVID-19 Knocks Out Your Traditional P2P

Here are three noteworthy examples of how organizations are reinventing their campaigns on the fly during COVID-19.

Special Webinar: Creating Winning Virtual Programs In The COVID-19 Era

The impossibility of holding mass participation events this spring has P2P program leaders scrambling to create alternatives to “real world” events in a manner that will actually raise funds. 

At 92, North America’s Most Inspiring Fundraiser Rode Through Death Valley to Support JDRF — and Plans to Do It Again!

After battling diabetes for more than 50 years, fundraiser Jack Hughes keeps pedaling in support of JDRF.

Top U.S. Peer-to-Peer Programs Post Encouraging Results in 2019

Revenues for the top 30 U.S. peer-to-peer programs were down slightly in 2019, but it was a strong year for the majority of large American peer-to-peer fundraising programs.