Updated: November 13, 2020

The ongoing COVID-19 outbreak has had a massive impact on peer-to-peer fundraising throughout 2020 — and it promises to shape programs in 2021 and beyond.

To help organizations navigate this ongoing crisis, we’ve developed this resource page to provide quick access to relevant content and data.

If you have resources to share, please email us at askus@peertopeerforum.com.


P2P Forum Surveys of Program Leaders

Spring 2021 Programs

As the fall peer-to-peer fundraising season winds down, organizations are beginning to take steps to map out their spring 2021 plans in the face of a deadly pandemic that is showing no signs of easing up.

A new survey of nearly 100 nonprofits by the Peer-to-Peer Professional Forum finds that more than half of groups that manage spring campaigns have already decided what form they will take.

Explore the results

Spring 2020 Results

Nonprofits that manage peer-to-peer fundraising programs tried to move quickly to transform planned, in-person events into virtual campaigns in the face of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Unfortunately, many organizations expect their existing campaigns to raise only about half of what they had budgeted at the beginning of 2020, according to a summer 2020 survey of 120 North American nonprofits by the Peer-to-Peer Professional Forum.

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Useful Articles and Tools

In respect of your limited time, we’ve culled down what has been written about COVID-19’s impact on P2P to spare you from slogging through vague “big picture” posts and to connect you with materials that may be truly helpful to you.

Making Go/No Go Decisions

The coming days and weeks are forcing most organizations to make difficult decisions. Below are some resources to help guide your choices.

National MS Society Decision Tree

National Multiple Sclerosis Society executive vice president Jennifer Lee generously shared this decision-making tool that her team has been using to evaluate whether to cancel or postpone events.

It starts with a review of whether government or venue authorities have weighed in on whether mass events can be held. If none of those block the event, it then takes NMSS leaders through a series of other considerations to help reach a decision.

Interestingly it makes very explicitly “How much revenue the event generates or the fixed expenses that cannot be avoided in the event of a cancellation shall not be factors in determining what we need to do to keep people safe, but we do need to understand the financial implications of these decisions as part of the process.”

Download the tool

Cadence Sports Observations & Perspectives

Cadence President Gary Metcalf and his team touch 200 events annually and have been in touch with a great number of them since this crisis began. This document boils down some of what they have observed, provides helpful perspectives on approaching programming decisions and briefly lays out some technical subjects to consider such as insurance and contracts with suppliers.

Download the document

DonorDrive: The Coronavirus Concern: What Nonprofits Need to Know

This blog post from DonorDrive suggests factors that nonprofits should consider when making decisions about the status of upcoming events, strategies to employ and important factors to consider when executing.


Clear, consistent communications is critical during a crisis. Here are some resources that are designed to help you with messaging during these uncertain times.


P2P Event Emergency Preparedness Checklist

Charity Dynamics has created a tactical ten-point plan for communicating with stakeholders about your decisions whether they are focused on shifting gears or moving ahead.

Download the checklist

Communications During a Time of Crisis

Regardless of your mission, it’s important to remember to put your audiences and your mission first in all of your communications. This is especially true during a crisis.

Here are two articles from Peter Panepento, philanthropic practice leader of Turn Two Communications, offers insights on how to message effectively during the Covid-19 crisis:

Coronavirus Communications: Messaging During a Time of Crisis

How to Avoid the Coronavirus Communications Hall of Shame

How to Adjust Your Nonprofit’s Communication and Events

This article by MediaCause offers some excellent insights into how to adjust your communications strategy and handle messaging about canceling events.

Marketing Your Event During the Coronavirus Crisis

For when the show must go on, PCMA offers some useful tips on how to market your future events during this uncertain time.


Going Virtual

Below is some useful information about how to create effective virtual campaigns.


A Look at Virtual Campaigns in Wisconsin

Wisconsin State Journal offers an interesting look at how nonprofits in that state are moving to virtual campaigns.

Read the article


Moving Forward With a Virtual Event

Charity Dynamics’ Marcie Maxwell offers advice on how to make the important decisions needed to get your virtual event planning in high gear.

Read the article


6 Ways to Engage Peer-to-Peer Participants and Increase Donations for Your Virtual Events

Cathexis Partners offers this look at how to get your virtual event participants more involved and ultimately increase donations.

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7 Easy Steps to Move Any Fundraising Event to Virtual

Bloomerang offers this quick, seven-step guide to convert any nonprofit event into a virtual campaign.

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Webinar: Creating Winning Virtual Programs In The COVID-19 Era

The Peer-to-Peer Professional Forum hosted a special webinar that provided advice on how to create an effective virtual event.

Access the webinar

What Creates Virtual Event Success 2020

Blackbaud UK published this useful eBook  suggesting three core pillars to focus on to maximize virtual event fundraising based on survey results and charity case studies.

Download the eBook


Virtual P2P Events That Helped Define The Marketplace

At our request, Michael Johnston, president of Hewitt and Johnston Consultants, wrote this article examining a few existing virtual programs and offering advice on factors to consider when creating such an initiative.

Download the article


Tips for Hosting a Virtual Peer-to-Peer Event

Qgiv has put together a useful post on how transition your fundraisers to virtual events.

PANCAN Virtual Strider Program

The Pancreatic Cancer Action Network has had a virtual strider program as a part of its PurpleStride walk series for some time and is now leveraging in light of its cancellation of in-person events in March and April.

Take a look at how the group promotes and activates this capability.


Are Virtual Events The Next Big P2P Trend?

This 2017 P2P Professional Forum article examines a number of existing programs and offers some advice on achieving success with these types of initiatives.


How To Hold A Virtual Event When Plans Change

This article by gofundme charity offers some elementary information on creating a virtual program.



COVID-19 Amplifies the Need for Social Fundraising

Tiltify CEO Michael Wasserman offers some excellent advice for nonprofits that are looking to embrace livestreaming to raise funds during the Covid-19 crisis and beyond.

Read the article in Nonprofit PRO

What Are Gaming Fundraisers and How Can They Raise Donations for Your Nonprofit?

Nonprofit Tech for Good explores how gaming fundraisers work, how organizations have used them in the past and how your can use them to raise money.

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COVID-19 What Your Nonprofit Needs to Know

In March the law firm Venable LLP conducted a valuable webinar on legal issues nonprofits should be considering in light of this crisis. The webinar recording and accompanying handout have excellent sections specifically focused on events.

Webinar recording

Handout on events



Sponsorship During Times of Crisis: Cancelled Events, Postponing And Refunds

Sponsorship expert Chris Baylis has written an extremely practical post on how to best work with sponsors in the face of needing to cancel, postpone or move forward with a possibly quite diminished or altered event.

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Alternative Fundraising Options

What To Do If You Have To Cancel Your Event Because of COVID-19

QGiv’s Shay Lessman provides some introductory thoughts on developing digital or what he calls “interactive fundraising campaigns” if you must cancel events.

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Working Smarter

COVID-19 disruptions will force us all to work and communicate internally and externally in new ways. Here are a few resources that may help you work smarter.

10 Tips For Giving Effective Virtual Presentations

Check out this great resource via Stanford University.


Case Studies

Take an in-depth look at how some nonprofits nonprofits are dealing with the outbreak.

Case Study: St. Baldrick’s Foundation

How does an organization that has traditionally held 40 percent of its events in March make a fast and successful pivot? Check out our interview with St. Baldrick’s Foundation CEO Kathleen Ruddy.

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A Little Relief From All of the Stress

Bravo if you’ve made it all the way to the bottom of this page of resources. You deserve a break!

The Best Shows to Binge-Watch If You’re in Quarantine

One writer’s suggestions for some great shows to check out when you need some downtime.


News on Program Changes

Most large peer-to-peer programs have announced significant changes to their programs in the face of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Follow this link for more information on programs that have announced postponements, cancellations and/or program changes, such as switching to a virtual campaign. Reviewing their communications may help you in drafting your own messaging.

You can also check out this Forbes article by Peer-to-Peer Professional Forum President David Hessekiel that outlines some of the recent changes and what they mean for nonprofits — as well as this new piece that summarizes some of the latest developments.


Have additional resources or news to share or questions? Please send them our way at askus@peertopeerforum.com