P2P Video Library: An Inspiring ‘Do-It-Yourself’ Video from a First-Time Half-Marathoner

For many peer-to-peer campaigns, the most effective fundraising videos aren’t produced by charities. They are produced by the people who are actually raising money on our behalf.

Such is the case with this gem of a peer-to-peer video, which was created by aspiring marathoner Jessica Stoate, who is training to raise money for the British charity Anthony Nolan at the London Marathon.

Jessica has never run before and she is chronicling her efforts to train for the marathon by creating decidedly low-def videos that are filled with humor and heart.

“Jessica’s campaign is a prime example of that authenticity,” writes Matt Collins on the JustGiving blog. “The video has no storyboarding and no sign off. She just picked up her mobile phone, filmed herself raising money, and went for it.”

We encourage you to check out the video for yourself. It shows that you don’t need a big budget — or even strong video skills — to make an effective video.

And for charities that have resisted the idea of encouraging those outside of their organizations to shoot their own videos, this shows that you can actually gain a lot of new supporters if you cede control to your supporters and let them tell your story in their own words.

Thanks to Kirsty Marrins of JustGiving for sharing this example of effective video storytelling.

Does your organization have a peer-to-peer fundraising video? Has one of your supporters taken the time to create his or her own video? If so, we’d love to share it with the rest of the peer-to-peer fundraising community.

Share a link to your video in the comments section below, or send it to us at peter@peertopeerforum.com.

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