The Ice-Bucket Racket

Ever since the ice-bucket challenge swept the Internet this summer, raising more than $115 million for A.L.S. research, a legion of imitators has sprung up to try and cash in themselves. In the approaching holiday season, as fund-raising appeals swell, we can now smash a pie in our faces, snap selfies first thing in the […]

Donors Are 80% More Likely to Donate if Entire Gift Goes to a Cause

Donors are much more likely to give if they believe their money will not be spent on organizational overhead costs, and they are even more likely to donate if a matching gift is involved, according to two experiments, Science reports. Uri Gneezy, an economist at the Rady School of Management at the University of California, San Diego, […]

Ten Rules of Events Fundraising

Ever considered hosting a charitable event to raise money for your youth service organization? It sounds simple: Charge people $75 a head to come to a great party (even more for a fancy gala), or host a walkathon and ask participants to contribute to your cause. Wind up with a ton of cash, good word […]


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DoJiggy Walk-a-thon Resources

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DoJiggy Participant Fundraising Library

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Tips for a Successful Charity Race from the Association of Running Event Directors

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Recruiting Team Captains

Individual fundraisers are the basic building blocks of athletic fundraising events, but recruiting teams multiplies your fundraising by a huge factor. Teams are driven by individuals — captains with a passion for your mission are the “gas” of any event fundraising effort. As an athletic fundraising event organizer, it is essential to be thinking ahead […]

Recruiting Participants

There’s an old axiom in sales: it’s easier to sell something to someone already buying from you than it is to find new customers. An existing volunteer knows your mission, value and needs. For years an AIDS walk placed its detailed donor pledge sheets into mounds of impressive stacks in the boardroom. For years, everyone […]

Increasing Fundraiser Effectiveness

Generally, 20% of your participants are generating 80% of your donations. The underperforming 80% are the ones that need to be trained. Every organization has individuals who seem to be able to raise funds with little or no fear or effort. The best fundraising volunteers have several things in common. They are: Passion for the […]