Rallybound Roundup: DIY Is Where It’s At

In its roundup of the recent Peer-to-Peer Professional Forum annual conference, the mobile fundraising company Rallybound offers some interesting takeaways on the recent explosion in Do-It-Yourself Fundraising.

DIY offers promise for many organizations that are looking for new ways to engage supporters, but these organizations also face questions about how to convert DIY donors into regular, significant donors, said Debbi Stanley, Rallybound’s vice president of sales.

“Fundraisers are interested in doing more of their own thing and less inclined to be hampered by the restrictions placed on them by the organizations they support. In several conversations, event organizers discussed how to reinvent legacy programs or to come up with new programs,” Stanley said. “Yet the challenges remain the same.”

For advice on how to build a successful DIY campaign at your nonprofit, check out the P2P Professional Fourm’s new whitepaper: DIY Fundraising: Its Promise and Perils.