Do-It-Yourself Fundraising: Its Promise and Perils

P2P Guide Cover Do-it-yourself fundraising is the “bright shiny object” intriguing many P2P fundraising professionals.

A handful of organizations are raising significant money by helping their supporters “do their own” thing for the cause.

Speaking with dozens of groups, we’ve discovered a larger number that have been disappointed by the results of their initial forays into DIY.

Several misperceptions have contributed to lackluster results:

  • Adopting an ‘if you build it they will come’ low-investment mindset;
  • Assuming that you can run a DIY campaign without arranging for strong staff support;
  • Assuming a DIY program will be welcomed by staff members already responsible for proprietary P2P programs.

Any one of these myths may doom your DIY program. Avoid them and you have a great chance hitting a home run.

This free whitepaper, DIY Fundraising: Its Promise and Perils, provides a great roadmap for making the most of the DIY opportunity.