Is Gen Z Poised To Be The Greatest Generation Of P2P Fundraisers?

An insightful article in Vogue Business recently declared that “Gen Z broke the marketing funnel.” 

Backed by new consumer research, it argues that the days of the traditional marketing funnel, guiding prospects from awareness to consideration to conversion, are over, and we are now facing “an infinite loop of inspiration, exploration, community and loyalty.”

The good news is that our P2P events are inherently well-positioned to meet these evolving consumer needs. With a bit of intentionality, we can engage Gen Z where they are and grow alongside them.

Inspiration: Our news feeds are full of infinite inspiration from influencers, storytellers and big brands. Thankfully, our P2P events are rich with inspiration, too, from the compelling stories of those served by our missions to the passionate fundraisers themselves. Our challenge now is to meet the demand, sharing even more stories than ever before.

Exploration: Today’s fundraisers are seeking a variety of ways to support their favorite causes. Instead of directing supporters to the same event year after year, we need to make it easy for them to discover all the ways they can contribute—through workplace giving, DIY campaigns, volunteerism, and more.

Community: In the world of P2P, we excel at building community on a grand scale. Our participants come together for walks, runs and rides, joining thousands in support of a cause they love. Now, we must also focus on creating smaller, tight-knit affinity groups to foster deeper connections among our supporters.

Loyalty: Recognition has long been a critical strategy when it comes to P2P engagement; however, giving out t-shirts and tchotchkes isn’t enough anymore. We need to think about rewarding loyalty through mission connections, community engagement opportunities and leadership roles, too.

Just imagine… Gen Z could prove to be the best generation of fundraisers yet.