Webinar Recording – Generation Z: P2P Fundraising’s Next Frontier

Original Broadcast Date: August 16, 2018

Move over, millennials. A new generation is entering adulthood and is about to put its own unique stamp on peer-to-peer fundraising.

Generation Z — the moniker used to describe the generation of people born between the mid 1990s and mid 2000s — is starting to enter the work force in big numbers. And many Get Zers are distinctly different than the millennials who precede them.

Born during the explosion of the Internet, it is the first generation to have fully access to online and mobile tools during childhood and is now coming of age during a time of intense polarization and division.

Nonprofits that are looking to grow and adapt successful peer-to-peer programs are grappling with how to engage this new generation — and we’ve assembled an expert panel that will help demystify and shed light on what makes them tick.

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