Webinar Recording – Supercharge Your Virtual Campaign With Lessons From An Event That Really Worked

Now that the first wave of campaigns during the Covid-19 era is behind us, many peer-to-peer fundraisers are faced with a common challenge: how do they replicate the feeling of community that comes with in-person events in a virtual setting? The ALS Association’s Greater Chicago Chapter offers a possible blueprint. Download Slide Deck Resources: Mini-Walk […]

Webinar Recording – The New Normal Fundraising Business Model: Shifting To Virtual For The Long Haul

2020 will undoubtedly go down as the year that forever altered fundraising. Nonprofits are being forced to reckon with the reality they have relied too heavily on traditional, physical fundraising tactics – which are important – but unfortunately not useful this year. This year has been the catalyst for innovation through “virtual fundraising” and as […]

Webinar Recording – Fundraising In Motion: Event Participants Go Virtual And Get Active!

Did you know that, according to a recent study by the American Psychological Association, people who track their progress towards a goal are significantly more likely to achieve it than their peers? And in addition, odds of success skyrocket when users share and report on it publicly! Download Slide Deck   Speakers: Kathy Kempff, CEO, Charity […]

Webinar Recording – Not Just A Virtual 5-K

Originally Aired: May 2020 As COVID-19 has caused charities to cancel spring (and possibly fall) events, many are looking for ways to virtualize them. But “going virtual” shouldn’t just be about replicating your analog strategies digitally with a “virtual 5k”. You have new opportunities to engage your supporters and sponsors. You have new opportunities to […]

Webinar Recording – Revolutionize Your Fundraising With Corporate Matching Gifts: A Conversation with LLS

Originally Aired: April 2020 Corporate matching gifts are an often overlooked opportunity to exponentially increase revenue raised in peer-to-peer fundraising events. In this webinar, you’ll get a broad overview of the different types of corporate philanthropy followed by a deep dive on the mechanics of matching gifts. Learn more about effective ways to market matching […]

Webinar Recording – Creating Winning Virtual Programs In The COVID-19 Era

The impossibility of holding mass participation events this spring has P2P program leaders scrambling to create alternatives to “real world” events in a manner that will actually raise funds. This webinar will explore how to make this transition and the experiences of programs tackling the challenge. Access Presentation Deck     Speakers: Alan Brogdon, March […]

Webinar Recording – Managing COVID-19’s Impact On Your Peer-to-Peer Programs

Original Broadcast Date: March 20, 2020 How should your organization react to the COVID-19 outbreak?   Postpone, cancel or move ahead?  Go virtual?   What impact will COVID-19 have on your 2020 revenues?   How should you best communicate with supporters? Armed with a new Peer-to-Peer Professional Forum survey of top program executives and an expert […]

Webinar Recording – Creating a Successful GivingTuesday P2P Campaign

Original Broadcast Date: January 29, 2020 A growing number of nonprofits are incorporating GivingTuesday into their peer-to-peer programs. Camp Kesem, a nonprofit that supports children impacted by a parent’s cancer, raised $2.27 million from more than 50,000 donors on GivingTuesday. And its totals have been growing steadily. GivingTuesday revenues were up 26 percent over 2018 at […]

Does Your P2P Event Create a Lasting Impact?

Webinar originally aired on January 22, 2020 The P2P landscape is undergoing significant change. Events are still the cornerstone of P2P but the types of, and reasons for, giving around those events is changing. Learn how mobile tech from Grassroots Unwired has enabled events like Ride for Roswell to create a stellar experience for event […]

A Facebook Fundraising Journey
From Newbies to Rockstars

Webinar originally aired on December 10, 2019 The story is all-too-familiar. In 2015, Parkinson’s Foundation enabled donations via Facebook’s new giving platform and the dollars started trickling in. And while sufficient at first, the organization’s efforts to manually thank and engage fundraisers quickly hit a wall as volume increased exponentially. In addition, the organization lacked […]