Webinar Recording: Engage with New (& Future) Generations of Fundraisers & Donors Through Livestreams

Webinar originally aired on May 16, 2018

Livestream fundraising is one of the fastest growing segments in the charitable market. This next generation fundraising and engagement tool has the power to raise thousands to millions in a matter of hours and days.

The power of live fundraising strategies and engagement is seen using gaming, music, art, celebrity, food and even the telethons you see on TV, which now have streaming components.  Sites including Twitch, Youtube, Facebook Live, Mixer & Twitter have given way to powerful opportunities for new fundraising activation to enhance and expand your current programs.

Learn how to activate and expand your current programs through livestream strategies with Tiltify CEO Michael Wasserman. Hear firsthand the strategies, tips and pitfalls of creating a livestream program (inside and outside of your organization) with St Jude Children’s Research Hospital’s Zach Whitten, pioneer of the organization’s successful “Play Live” program.

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