Peer-to-peer proves itself in World Vision’s emergency giving to fight Ebola

For World Vision, the Ebola virus has hit hard in Sierra Leone, a place they’re very familiar with. They’ve been helping in the country since 1978 and their donors currently sponsor 5,300 children there.

A month ago, World Vision found themselves with an very immediate need. They’d just received a major donation of 210 pallets of latex gloves (four million pairs) from McKesson Medical-Surgical. (This supply is enough to meet the needs of every medical responder in Sierra Leone for six months.) The current outbreak of Ebola is the worst in history and with 4,000 deaths in West Africa, surgical gloves will play a key role in stopping the outbreak, in saving the lives of doctors on the front lines and help avoid the spread to other continents.

Read more about how World Vision used peer-to-peer fundraising to raise $135,000 to charter a flight and bring the supplies needed to quell the outbreak and provide much needed support for the region.

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