Mustache Dache and The Mo Run announce merger

Blackfish Ventures LLC, owner of the Mustache Dache™ run series, announced the merger and acquisition of The Mo Run, owned by Game Day USA. The Mustache Dache™ is the nation’s largest mustache-themed running series and was started in 2012 by Porter Bratten with one event in Seattle, Washington. Following the debut, the run quickly grew to 10 events across the country in 2013. With the acquisition of The Mo Run, the total number of Mustache Dache™ events for 2014 will be over 25, making it the world’s largest mustache-themed running series. By joining forces, the Mustache Dache™ will bring mustache running fun to more runners in more cities, as well as bring greater attention to Movember.

Click here to read the full press release from April 28, 2014.