January Newsletter: P2P’s Health Benefits, Proven By Science

The scientific verdict is in: P2P fundraising can help you stay healthy.

A study this month in the American Journal of Preventative Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania found that older adults who are given a charitable incentive to walk take 2,562 more steps each day than those who aren’t given the same incentive.

Put in other words: people who are getting donations to take part in a P2P walking event are more likely to exercise if they know that their efforts will pay off in the form of donations to their favorite causes.

You know what else is good for your health? Spending time with other peer-to-peer fundraising professionals.

While it hasn’t yet been proven by science, fundraisers who attend our annual P2P Fundraising Conference report improved moods and an ability to go the extra mile to raise money.

And because I care about your health, I’d like to invite you to join us March 1-2 in Atlanta for this year’s gathering.

Register now — and get all of the benefits you deserve.

Focus On: DIY Fundraising

In the world of DIY fundraising, side-kicks and support characters have become integral to the success of our beloved superheroes. Your supporters are your superheroes and you are their side-kick.

So how can you be an amazing side-kick to your DIY superheroes?

1. BUILD your superhero base – There are many DIY platforms that have best practices built-in. Remember, you may be building a digital DIY program, but your superhero is interacting in the real world. Make it easy for them to access what they need!

2. BRAND your program – People like to belong to something bigger than themselves. Think of the “S” on Superman’s chest or the bat symbol that is synonymous with Batman. What is your organizations icon?

3. RECRUIT your Justice League – Every superhero started out as a regular person. Your organization’s mission is what will motivate individuals to “suit-up.” Consider asking your current constituent base to be part of a “pilot” phase to get your program off the ground.

4. EMPOWER your Heroes –Providing content such as social share-ables, email/mobile templates and event collateral are all important pieces in your superheroes arsenal. Help your fundraisers tell their story – the more personal their communications, the more money they will ultimately raise.

For more information on how to effectively build your DIY program, visit the Charity Dynamics’ blog, The Workshop