Is Movember’s Mustache Campaign the Victim of Own Success?

Is Movember on the wane? The Guardian seems to think so.

The British news organization notes that the mustache-growing peer-to-peer campaign is struggling, in part, because too many guys are already walking around with mustaches and beards year round.

Interestingly, Movember has likely played a large role in the worldwide popularity of facial hair. When it started the peer-to-peer campaign, mustaches were actually pretty novel. Today, they’re everywhere!

But the Guardian offers some cheeky alternatives for charities that are looking to co-opt a month for a peer-to-peer campaign. How about Stoptober or Dressember as shopping and dress-wearing peer-to-peer effortsWe think peer-to-peer professionals would be able to come up with better suggestions. Share your ideas for fun, charity-themed months in the comments.