For P2P Fundraisers, Strategy Should Outweigh Tactics

Shana Masterson, a senior consultant at Blackbaud and an expert on peer-to-peer fundraising, penned an interesting piece that reminds P2P fundraisers not to get too caught up in tactics when they are making decisions about their programs.

Too often, she says, fundraisers attempt to follow the tactics of other successful organizations that have completely different strategies and audiences. As a result, she Masterson writes, they spend time spinning their wheels.

“We know our goal (raise money to fund our missions) and yet we spend most of our time obsessing about tactics (Snapchat, millennials, email frequency), without truly taking the time to assess how those tactics fit into our strategy–if we have a strategy at all,” Masterson writes. “As I pondered whether an organization should change everything in 2016 or focus on a small number of things, I came to a vague but powerful answer: it depends. Changing everything could be unrealistic for some cash and resource strapped organizations, while focusing only on one thing would not move the needle for others.”

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