A Look Inside The Second ‘Ice Bucket Challenge’

Phil Haid, the co-founder of Public Inc. in Toronto, offers an interesting look at why the ALS Association’s efforts to host a second Ice Bucket Challenge didn’t meet expectations.

Haid details why he believes the second version of the campaign, which only raised about $500,000 (compared with the $115-million it raised in 2014), didn’t hit the mark.

But he ultimately applauds the ALS Association for working to build on the campaign.

“Even if Ice Bucket 2 didn’t work, the spirit of innovation and risk taking should be celebrated. Far too many charitable campaigns take the easy path, a path that usually leads to mediocrity,” Haid writes. “Generating large scale fundraising success and sustaining it is no easy feat. But with the right dose of courage, behavioral insight and execution it can be accomplished and repeated.”