A Facebook Fundraising Journey
From Newbies to Rockstars

Webinar originally aired on December 10, 2019

The story is all-too-familiar. In 2015, Parkinson’s Foundation enabled donations via Facebook’s new giving platform and the dollars started trickling in. And while sufficient at first, the organization’s efforts to manually thank and engage fundraisers quickly hit a wall as volume increased exponentially. In addition, the organization lacked a cohesive strategy to maximize reach and return on this rapidly growing fundraising channel.

Join Francesca Villa, National Manager of Signature Events at Parkinson’s FoundationCathy Whitlock, Senior Director of Online Communications at Parkinson’s Foundation and Kathy Kampff, CEO of Charity Dynamics, as we walk through one organization’s comprehensive Facebook Fundraising journey, and how they’ve been able to quickly adopt an organizational strategy around this rapidly evolving fundraising phenomenon.

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