What Can We Learn From Taylor Swift, Beyoncé & Barbie?

Taylor Swift, Beyoncé, and Greta Gerwig – this summer’s “rock stars of gathering” – were the subject of a recent must-read blog post by Priya Parker, the celebrated author of The Art of Gathering.

While Priya wrote of the power of The Barbie Movie’s ingenious pre-event excitement tactics, the Eras Tour’s iconic friendship bracelets and the Renaissance Tour’s epic “on mute” contest, she honed in on how these events became “a shared experience of physical release and joy and recovery – collectively.”

That is the same type of experience YOU strive to create for supporters at your peer-to-peer events every year.  Think about it. 

Consider the countless times you’ve heard a participant talk about the emotional healing they experienced at an event after the loss of a loved one. Remember the exuberant participant who shows their joy and passion for the cause by donning a wild costume. 

Reflect on how fundraising often gives participants a sense of empowerment and control after a scary diagnosis. And think about the enduring camaraderie and support that blossoms within your event communities, stretching far beyond the boundaries of event day itself.

Peer-to-peer events may not boast the colossal budgets of sold-out stadium tours or blockbuster movies, but you do possess tremendous power to create enchanting moments of gathering for dedicated supporters. The transformative potential of our peer-to-peer fundraising events is boundless, and YOU – just like Taylor, Beyoncé and Greta – make magic happen.