Scroll to the bottom of the page to see all of the questions that you will be asked to respond to when you fill out the submission form.

When you are ready to submit, please click on this link to be taken to a live form.

All submissions are due by midnight EST on Thursday, August 1.

Please note:

1) WE WANT TO HEAR FROM NONPROFITS: Please do not submit ideas for presentations featuring only suppliers to the industry. We are primarily interested in presentations by people working in the field for nonprofit organizations. If you are a consultant or vendor, please identify nonprofit executives who can be featured voices in your presentation

2) IDENTIFY WHO YOU ARE SPEAKING TO: There are many segments within our audience. Please use the drop down menus within the submission form to identify who you think your presentation is most appropriate for. (Don’t get too caught up in these categories. If we are keen on your idea ,but think it would be of greater interest to a different audience segment, we’ll discuss that with you.)

Audience categories include:

1) Senior vs Junior staff

2) HQ vs Field/Chapter Staff

3) Top Thirty Programs vs Smaller But Substantial

4) Walk vs DIY vs Cycling vs Endurance vs Hospitals

5) Fundraising Strategy vs Volunteer Management vs Digital Marketing vs Logistics vs Personal Development vs OTHER (write in)

3) PROVIDE KEY TAKEAWAYS: Our attendees are hungry for actionable information. All submissions must be accompanied by two or three key takeaways that form the core of your presentation.

4) SHORTER PRESENTATIONS RULE: Although we’ll have plenary and breakout sessions of varied lengths ranging from 18 minutes to an hour, think of the basic “presentation unit” as 25 minutes. That shorter time frame helps focus the mind on getting to the point!



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P2P 2020 Conference: Call For Submissions (Sample Form)

Submission Deadline: Thursday, August 1
  • Presentation Title & Description

    limited to 100 words
  • Panelists can be tentative, but should be likely to agree to participate.
  • Key Takeaways

    Please share two or three one-sentence descriptions of the key actionable takeaways that listeners would glean from your presentation.
  • Segments Presentation Will Most Appeal To

    There are many subgroups within our audience — please use the category break-outs below to identify who you think your presentation is most appropriate for
  • Your Contact Information

If you have any questions, please call us at (914) 921-3914 or send an email to askus@peertopeerforum.com.