Original Broadcast: September 2022

What if you could consistently grow digital income every single month and create a new, high volume fundraising channel all year round? What if you could replicate your amazing single event day for participants every day for six weeks? What if you could achieve a high ROI with a small budget?

In this recorded webinar, GivePanel and the Parkinson’s Foundation dive into this new revenue channel for Canadian nonprofits and show you how to not only maximize your revenue but be among the first to take this to market.

Key takeaways include:

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This webinar is free thanks to sponsorship by GivePanel.



Megan Rouse, SVP Strategy & Development, North America. GivePanel

Megan Rouse is the SVP of Strategy and Development for GivePanel in North America, who has specialized in Peer-to-Peer fundraising for most of her career. She has worked and created significant revenue growth for organizations such as Team In Training’s Marathon Program (LLS) and for Susan G. Komen’s Race series and DIY program. Megan has worked as a consultant over the last 3 years providing strategic planning and program execution for nonprofit organizations of all sizes around the world. She has also partnered with multiple digital fundraising platform companies giving vital industry insights from her expertise as a volunteer fundraiser and development staff.

Francesca Villa, National Director of Fundraising Events, Parkinson’s Foundation

Francesca Villa is the National Director of Fundraising Events at the Parkinson’s Foundation. With a background in P2P fundraising and community organizing, she brings out of the box thinking and a sense of humor to every project. Francesca got her start at the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer, inspiring participants to push through Nos from donors and the occasional blister while tackling the 39.3 mile event. Now, she oversees a team of 4 and the Parkinson’s Champions P2P program – which covers everything from endurance races to livestreaming to Facebook fundraising. She’s goal focused and numbers driven and can currently deadlift 235 pounds.