Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia’s Kevin McMahon and Jon Thompson join the podcast to discuss how peer-to-peer fundraising can impact a donor’s lifetime value… and vice versa…

Those of us deeply entrenched in the world of peer-to-peer fundraising have long recognized that one of the greatest strengths of our events and campaigns lies within the sense of community and shared experiences we create for our supporters. However, in an increasingly data-driven environment, quantifying the return on investment (ROI) for cultivating these relationships and creating impactful mission moments can be challenging.

By examining the impact of P2P participation on a donor’s lifetime value, we can begin to truly understand the long-term significance of our efforts and therefore make the case for even greater investment. By speaking a common language, we can break down the silos between peer-to-peer and individual giving teams and open our organizations up to even greater opportunity.

In the episode, P2PPF’s Marcie Maxwell sits down with Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia’s Kevin McMahon & Jon Thompson.   This dynamic team will dig into how looking at peer-to-peer fundraisers through the lens of lifetime value has shifted their overall philosophy and strategies behind their signature P2P events.  

In this episode, we’ll also explore:

– How this fresh approach to data has changed their staffing, goals and budgets
– The tangible & intangible value of community
– The importance of humility in cross-functional partnerships

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Podcast Guest

Kevin McMahon

Sr. Director, Peer to Peer & Community Fundraising,
Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia

Kevin McMahon is the Sr. Director, Peer to Peer & Community Fundraising at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia.  In his current position Kevin leads mass market fundraising events and programs that generate upwards of $8M annually.  Over the past several years through strategy alignment, the team has achieved significant fundraising growth focusing on visual storytelling, intentional targeting, and concentrating on the overall donor experience.  

Prior to working at CHOP, Kevin worked for the Philadelphia Eagles with responsibilities that ranged from managing corporate partner marketing relationships, creating and executing brand strategies to increase Eagles fan affinity, and overseeing numerous game entertainment functions.  

Kevin earned a Master of Science, Sport Management from the University of Tennessee and a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, Marketing from Rowan University. 

For fun, Kevin enjoys spending time with his family, is an avid sports fan, and loves time at the beach.

Jon Thompson

Associate Vice-President of Philanthropic Strategy & Technology,
Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia

Jon Jeffries Thompson is the Associate Vice-President of Philanthropic Strategy & Technology at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia working to answer the question, “How can technology advance philanthropy?”

Jon’s work has won numerous awards including a Gold Addy and a Gold Omni. Over his career, Jon pioneered the use of Internet-of-things digital signage, multi-source attribution modeling, psychographic ad targeting, machine learning/A.I & big data in marketing automation and the use of augmented reality to aid in major giving.  

Jon has worked with many non-profits including Children’s National Hospital, Phoenix Children’s Hospital, SEIU, Feeding America, Ocean Conservancy, United States Military Academy (West Point) & CARE. Before his tenure in the nonprofit space, Jon worked in politics specializing in a form of digital communications /agenda setting as well as international trade treaty game theory. 

Jon hails from Montana but currently lives in Philadelphia where he spends his spare time fly fishing, kayaking and rafting.

Podcast Host


Marcie Maxwell

Managing Director, Peer-to-Peer Professional Forum

Marcie Maxwell is the Managing Director of the Peer-to-Peer Professional Forum. Marcie joined the P2PPF team in 2021 after 15+ years as a front-line fundraiser, national events & campaign director and fundraising consultant. In her role, Marcie serves as a primary thought leader and community builder for the peer-to-peer fundraising industry. She started her career in fundraising with 10+ years at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, where she ran local fundraising events, managed national volunteer partnerships and launched their national walk program. She then spent 5+ years as the Director of Chapter Fundraising Events with Make-A-Wish America, where she provided strategy, support & training to 60 chapters on the full event portfolio – walks, school fundraising, an endurance hiking program and galas & social events. In her most recent role at Charity Dynamics, she partnered with clients to provide strategic guidance and analysis to help them optimize and grow their peer-to-peer fundraising events & campaigns. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Mass Communication from Louisiana State University and a master’s degree in Ethical Leadership from Christian Brothers University. She resides in Memphis, TN.