How Have P2P “Back-to-Basics” Strategies Evolved

Are you still asking your staff to pick up the phone and call their team captains and top fundraisers? Do they find it frustrating that they rarely receive a response? Are they simply going through the motions and checking off a task on their to-do list?

Contacting team captains and fundraisers by phone has traditionally been considered a fundamental and effective strategy in successful peer-to-peer campaigns. However, in our efforts to go “back to basics”, it’s important that we recognize that some of these basics have evolved.

Consider this for a moment – when was the last time you willingly answered a call from an unknown number? In a professional context, the era of cold calling has largely faded into the past (thankfully!). Now, if you wish to communicate with someone, the first step is typically to send an email or a text to request a scheduled conversation.

It’s time that we adopt the same approach to our team captains and fundraisers.

Begin by sending a personal email and inquire if they can spare a quick 15-minute call to discuss their fundraising goals and explore ways in which you can assist them.

During this conversation, be sure to ask about their preferred method of future communication – whether it’s email, phone or other channels – and the frequency that works best for them.

After the phone call, send a personal text message expressing your appreciation for the conversation and encouraging them to save your contact information for any future inquiries or discussions.

Remember, the best practice was never the phone call – it was always the conversation.