Hope Is Not A Strategy… Or Is It?

A frequent question we’ve received lately is “How will the 2024 presidential election impact peer-to-peer fundraising?” 

Undoubtedly, our supporters will be bombarded by negative campaign ads and partisan bickering, making it hard to break through the clutter. However, it also means our messages of hope and empowerment will be more welcome than ever.   Peer-to-peer fundraising gives people a chance to take personal action and fight for the causes they are most passionate about, addressing critical issues that many  politicians may overlook. 

We have a unique opportunity to  use our messaging and events to remind our supporters of their amazing power to help, even in times when they might feel powerless. Let’s remind them that they’re the ones providing aid to those in need, protecting our environment, funding research and so much more.  By giving their time, resources, or expertise, they can supercharge their impact, creating positive change no matter which way the political winds blow.

That type of message is how we cut through the noise. 

Hope might not be a strategy, but it remains one of our industry’s biggest assets.