Facebook’s Latest Changes: What P2P Fundraisers Need to Know

Without a doubt, Facebook fundraising had a huge impact on peer-to-peer fundraising in 2019.  The social media giant recently announced new fundraising features intended to generate more revenue for nonprofits in 2020.  

Among the array of tools added to the arsenal that have helped users raise more than $2 billion to date, Facebook is rolling out a livestream fundraising feature that will allow gaming creators to select causes for viewers to support – and give their viewers an opportunity to donate directly through the platform.

With this latest announcement, the takeaway is pretty clear, P2P fundraisers say.

“Facebook fundraising is not going anywhere,” said Nicole Dolan, senior director of the Out of Darkness Walks, which raised more than $2.4 million in September alone through Facebook. “It’s never too late to start. It’s a great means of raising funds, but also raising awareness because these fundraisers are showing up all across everyone’s feeds.”

Those who are already taking advantage of the platform are seeing the benefits.

The Pan-Mass Challenge went all-in on Facebook for the first time in 2019 with breathtaking results. More than 42,000 donors raised nearly $2.8 million on Facebook. Of that total, more than 31,600 donors were new to the organization, said David Hellman, PMC’s senior vice president of operations.

Given these results – and the fact that Facebook’s presence will likely grow for at least the short term – we’re taking a deep dive into Facebook fundraising at the 2020 P2P Professional Forum Conference in Austin.

Jessica Bomberg, associate director of peer-to-peer fundraising at No Kid Hungry, will join Dolan and Hellman to share their success stories and provide advice on how your peer-to-peer program can improve its Facebook fundraising results. 

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