Build Community First … and Peer-to-Peer Results Will Follow

Peer-to-peer fundraising isn’t just for large, well-established organizations.

Smaller, community-based nonprofits can also succeed with P2P — if they take the steps to build a strong base of support.

Sunrise Association in Long Island, N.Y., proves that local organizations can succeed in P2P. The organization started its peer-to-peer program with a single walk in 2006 and has been steadily growing its campaign ever since.

Today, Sunrise plays host to five walk events — and it has been able to continually grow its walk revenue over the past 12 years.

Want to learn more about Sunrise’s success?

Join us on Tuesday, January 29, at 2 p.m. Eastern time for a special webinar featuring Aileen Hoffman, Sunrise Association’s vice president of events.

Hoffman and Rallybound’s Morgan Connelly will show you how to:

  • build a community in a fun and meaningful way to both attract and retain supporters
  • use technology to maximize community building through walks
  • assess your peer-to-peer fundraising strategy and adjust it according to your organization

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