2017 Conference Presentations

Key Takeaway Notes

Breakout sessions and summits are wonderful because they allow us to hone in on topics of great interest, but sometimes we miss sessions we wish we could have attended. This year we’re pleased to share a collection of key takeaway notes by nearly all of our summit and breakout speakers >>> Key Takeaways from Summits & Breakout Sessions

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Opening Plenary

Cycling Summitsponsored by Cadence Sports


DIY Fundraising Summitsponsored by Charity Dynamics


Endurance Summit sponsored by The Realbuzz Group


Proprietary Program Summitsponsored by Event 360


Cash, Sweat & Tears Award Dinner – honoring 2017 winner Teri Greige – Sponsored by Blackbaud

Read more about Teri’s extraordinary achievements

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Thursday, March 2, 2017
Morning Plenary

Morning Breakout Sessions:

Afternoon Breakout Sessions:

Closing Plenary

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  1. Jim Harding says:

    There was some mention at the Conference about asking each presenter to provide their three takeaways from their talk, and that those would be available to us. Did this happen? Is it available? Am I crazy? Was I hearing things?? Thanks.

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