Report: Increased Competition Challenges P2P Campaigns in Pittsburgh

With the spring P2P fundraising season heating up, The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review explored the state of fundraising events in western Pennsylvania and uncovered a trend that we’ve been watching closely — namely that a growing number of locally based charities are finding great success with P2P campaigns, often at the expense of more established events.

According to the piece:

Relatively nascent players are gaining ground on the increasingly crowded peer-to-peer fundraising field, even as some experts caution nonprofits about relying too heavily on event-driven revenue sources. Samplings of national and local data show that smaller groups are eclipsing the nation’s longest-running walks and races in growth.

We’re curious to hear if your city is experiencing a similar shift. Are there more successful events and campaigns in your city than there have been in the past? If so, is it cutting into the success of longer-running programs — or is there plenty to go around?