Nonprofit Membership

  • Premium Peer-to-Peer Professional Forum Marketplace listing including a link to your website
  • Eight free job postings per year on our Industry Job Board.
  • Premium access to Peer-to-Peer Professional Forum research via the P2P Thirty Data Set download.

Full membership benefits for up to twenty-five members of your organization including:

  • $50 discount per person and special VIP recognition at the Peer-to-Peer Professional Forum conference.
  • Free access to Peer-to-Peer Professional Forum Insider Insights Webinar Series, live, quarterly, one-hour briefings featuring America’s leading peer-to-peer fundraisers.
  • Free access to the entire library of past recordings
  • Free access to “P2P Office Hours” webinars. These quarterly live online Q&A sessions put you in direct touch with experts ready to tackle pressing questions such as inspiring participants to raise more, effectively managing volunteers and creating incentive programs that work.
  • Advance notice of P2P events

Price: $1,500 annually

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