We held our second annual virtual P2PPF and EFG Demo Day in October 2022 to enable nonprofit and business leaders to get the inside track on tools to elevate their peer-to-peer fundraising. 

If you weren’t able to attend the live event, you can still access all of the recordings to see how these 13 resources could make all the difference for your organization.


Have you been thinking about how your organization can launch non-traditional peer-to-peer events? Do you think activity-tracking could be a welcomed addition to your already fantastic campaigns? Join us to learn how Blackbaud TeamRaiser will leverage our newest product, Kilter, to boost supporter engagement and drive impact, while remaining inclusive for all!  

Blackbaud is the world’s leading cloud software company powering social good. Serving the entire nonprofit community, Blackbaud connects and empowers organizations to increase their impact through software, services, expertise, and data intelligence. Serving the industry for more than three decades, Blackbaud is headquartered in Charleston, South Carolina and has operations in the United States, Australia, Canada, and the United Kingdom. Learn more at www.blackbaud.com.

Do your supporters wear branded or team apparel at your events? Bonfire makes it easy for your nonprofit and supporters to create t-shirt fundraisers with all of the money going directly to your nonprofit. Join our demo to learn how to grow your revenue and donor base with our free, all-in-one apparel fundraising platform.

Bonfire is a free apparel fundraising platform where you and your donors can design, sell, and buy custom products to support your nonprofit. Bonfire handles everything from processing orders and customer service to printing and shipping, so you can focus on what matters most — strengthening and inspiring your community. Since 2012, we’ve helped thousands of nonprofits raise funds and awareness with custom apparel. Learn more at www.bonfire.com.

Crush your supporter acquisition goals, boost stewardship and engagement, and level up your mission impact with the DonorDrive enterprise fundraising platform and native mobile app. Join our demo to learn how you can build meaningful supporter experiences with peer-to-peer fundraising events, Live Stream Fundraising, Activity Tracking, and innovative, gamified experiences.

DonorDrive is an enterprise-level fundraising platform designed to go beyond the transaction and guide fundraisers through an engaging experience, helping them crush their goals and fuel your mission. Learn more at www.donordrive.com.

Looking for flexible, secure online fundraising solutions that delight donors with a frictionless giving experience? Join us for a demo to learn more about event and online fundraising technology that’s designed to grow with your organization, drive engagement, and streamline the giving process so you can raise the funds needed to power your mission.

OneCause is driving the future of fundraising with easy-to-use event and online fundraising solutions that help nonprofits improve the giving experience and raise more money. With a commitment to innovation, they build technology that optimizes everyday generosity, making it easier for nonprofit organizations to fundraise and for nonprofit supporters to give. Since 2008, OneCause has helped over 10,000 nonprofits raise more than $4 billion for their missions. Learn more at www.onecause.com.

Looking for a lightweight peer-to-peer platform with a beautiful interface that’s simple to use, yet incredibly powerful? Join our demo as we’ll show you how our modern P2P platform allows nonprofits to more effectively leverage the potential of their supporters to drive fundraising. This will be an in-depth walkthrough, along with specific examples of fundraising successes.

Pledge It provides online fundraising tools that connect your cause to your community. Create unique fundraising experiences for your supporters with activity-based, endurance or virtual peer-to-peer fundraising campaigns that turn every mile, push-up or step into an opportunity for you to build community and for your supporters to fundraise for your mission. Learn more at www.pledgeit.org.

Empower your supporters to raise funds on your behalf and grow your impact exponentially with Qgiv! The Qgiv peer-to-peer platform is designed to make it easy for your supporters to create their own fundraising pages while staying connected to your event. Watch this demo to see how you can quickly create beautifully branded event pages, increase awareness for your mission, engage and motivate your supporters, and make your next fundraising event a breeze!

Qgiv is an online fundraising platform empowering over 13,000 nonprofit fundraisers to raise money for their causes. Through online giving and event registration forms, text fundraising, peer-to-peer campaigns, and auction events, fundraisers can provide a more personalized giving experience for donors while keeping costs low. Learn more at www.qgiv.com.

Looking to diversify your P2P program in 2023? Maybe you’ve done the walks or offered DIY or even dabbled with virtual events (thanks COVID), but any new program is risky. Join the Raisely demo to learn how we reduce risk, empower champions, and increase revenue at your next ticketed event or upcoming giving day (GivingTuesday 🙌).

“Raisely is an employee-owned, for-purpose social enterprise from Australia. The all-in-one, highly-customizable platform can power your next fundraising appeal, P2P, DIY, Giving Day, or even the campaign website. There are no contracts, setup fees or costly subscriptions – and you can cancel at any time. Oh, and we’re FREE, forever. 🎉 Learn more at www.raisely.com/peer-to-peer.


Designed for a corporate audience

Whether you’re looking to grow, diversify, or measure the efficacy of your corporate partnerships, we’ve got you covered. Accelerist’s leading social impact technology will save YOU time and money while amplifying your impact. Join our demo to see why Accelerist is the go-to comprehensive corporate philanthropy software platform.

Accelerist is the leader in social impact partnership technology. Accelerist’s software platform supports corporate partnership teams, account management, and leadership in sustaining, vetting, and growing their partnership portfolios. Some of the industry’s most prolific brands and nonprofit organizations rely on Accelerist’s innovative solutions to prospect, measure, fundraise, and inspire profit-purpose partnerships through our proprietary SaaS Platform. Learn more at www.accelerist.com.

Designed for both a corporate & nonprofit audience

Are you 1) part of a nonprofit or CSR team that’s engaging for good in a myriad of ways, and 2) do you have trouble managing the related data? We were missing the tool of our dreams – one that could help us track, manage, and share 100% of our good work in one place – so we built it. Join our demo to see how Ethos Tracking can make your team more organized, strategic, effective, and impactful.

Ethos Tracking is a first-of-its-kind, one-stop data tracking and management platform built by social impact professionals for social impact professionals. Whether you’re with a nonprofit, foundation or corporation, our platform allows your organization to measure, manage and clearly communicate 100% of your social impact portfolio – all in one comprehensive, turnkey tool. Learn more at www.ethostracking.com.

Designed for a nonprofit audience

Whether you’re starting a first-year golf tournament or carrying on a longstanding tradition, new to organizing a golf outing or a veteran event planner, the right technology is crucial. GolfStatus streamlines the process to save time, attract golfers and sponsors, securely collect participant information, fundraise, and showcase your cause or brand positively and professionally. Join our demo to learn how!

GolfStatus is an event management platform built specifically for golf events and fundraisers. It streamlines planning and execution with easy-to-use features like online registration, live scoring and leaderboards, and much more. Through the Golf for Good program, this powerful technology is available to qualifying nonprofits and events benefiting them at no cost. Learn more at www.GolfStatus.org.

Designed for a corporate audience

Are you ready to put your corporate values into action? With Submittable’s purpose-built software, employee engagement, DEI, and social impact aren’t just buzzwords—they’re embedded into strategic and effective CSR programs. Join our live demo to see how Submittable’s sophisticated yet easy-to-use software can make a bigger impact for your company, from reducing the burden on applicants to your community grants to driving higher participation in employee volunteering and giving. We’ll see you there!

Submittable is the CSR platform companies of all sizes use to launch, manage, and measure their corporate social impact programs. From community investment to employee engagement, Submittable gives you a single solution to achieve all of CSR your goals, including improved culture, retention, and reputation in your community. Learn more at Submittable.

Designed for a corporate audience

Want to combat the Great Resignation and Quiet Quitting? With WeSpire, you can infuse purpose and impact into your company culture with more effective employee engagement, which drives productivity, retention and employee satisfaction. Plus, you’ll get unparalleled analytics to demonstrate your social impact and business outcomes. Come see how our one-stop-shop platform, equipped with 350+ ready-to-launch behavior change activation campaigns and enablement tools, brings together Social Impact, Sustainability, DEI and Wellbeing to ignite employee passion in the areas that matter most.

WeSpire’s award-winning employee engagement software is the first and only platform in the ESG tech market that embeds purpose and impact into company culture by bringing together the four key areas of a forward-thinking ESG strategy: social impact, sustainability, wellbeing, and DEI. Our clients have achieved significant retention and performance benefits, driven operational efficiencies and ignited employee purpose and passion as a result. Learn more at www.wespire.com.

Designed for a corporate audience

Are your employees the key to making a larger impact with your corporate philanthropy programs? Bright Funds’ comprehensive CSR platform makes it simple to build a culture of engaged employees with your existing philanthropy programs through employee giving and volunteering. Join our demo and learn how our platform powers your giving and volunteering programs through access to over 1.8 million organizations, virtual and in-person volunteer opportunities, and robust reporting.

For more than a decade, Bright Funds, now a part of WizeHive, has supported employee giving, volunteering, grant management programs for organizations with its SaaS platform. With Bright Funds, HR and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) leaders deliver value through a more engaged workforce and greater community impact. Learn more at www.brightfunds.org.

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